Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cancer Cells (Colon) The Movie - Minute Immortals

The following images are of a recent group exhibition I participated in at the Back Loft, St. Augustine street, Dublin. I collaborated with Eamonn Kennedy, who is doing a PhD in bio-nano imaging at UCD. He is researching cancer cells at the moment using imaging techniques such as atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. Most of the images we used would be considered "grey data" - research that may not make it into academic journals, but nonetheless may be interesting in other ways. We found the images to be interesting on an aesthetic, philosophical, cultural and social level.

Colon cancer cell samples in the space at the Back Loft

Alternate view of cancer cells in the space.

The looming projected AFM image of a dying cancer cell. The image looked ghostly hanging above the actual cancer cell samples. We discovered afterward that apparently the alcove in the Back Loft is haunted!

Three A2 duratrans prints of dying cancer cells illuminated in the darkness of the space.
We built light boxes to light the images.

A large A0 duratrans print of dying cancer cells imaged through fluorescence microscopy. 

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